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The stones here speak, because they are a part
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La Vall d’Alcalà

Nevera de Baix

The peak of the snow trade was during the 18th century. There are two ice houses: the lower ice house (Nevera de Baix), in good condition and easy to access, and the upper ice house (Nevera de Dalt).

Ice houses are reservoirs where the snow turned into ice is kept and preserved. With the first snowfalls, the snow was accumulated and poured with buckets through the windows inside the building. From the inside, the workers shovelled it with their feet and, with picks, distributed it in alternating layers with straw. When it was full, the doors and windows were closed to maintain the cold temperature. The ice, transported at night with horses, was sold in regional markets and, above all, it was supplied to the coastal ports, such as Dénia.

Lower Ice House (Nevera de Baix) 

It is an ice house with a circular ground plan excavated in the rock on a north-facing slope. The aboveground part of the construction is made of stone masonry from the surrounding area and lime mortar. The wall that surrounds the tank reaches a thickness of 95 centimetres and presents a slight ledge towards the interior, which makes it possible to differentiate two bodies: a larger one, at the base, and on top of this, another one that is smaller and set back and that crowns and surrounds part of the roof.

On the north side, there is a wall to flatten the circulation space around the tank. Further down, there is an artificial hollow in an elbow shape that facilitates access to the middle level of the tank.

The interior is circular: it has a 9.5-metre diameter and a height of 10 metres to the level of the door. The storage capacity is 700 m³.

The masonry and lime mortar cover is still in good condition, taking the shape of a hemispherical dome, covered with mortar on the outside and practically bare on the inside. In the upper central part, there is an opening in the form of a possible zenithal mouth, which could also be a break in the cover.

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Our heritage

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