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La Vall de Laguar

Torre de la Casota

The tower known as Torre de La Casota is located in La Vall de Laguar, next to the village of Campell, or “el poble de baix”, situated on a strategic hill that permits a view of the entire Girona plain and the natural entrance to the valley. It is a defensive tower that could belong to the Almohad period (from the end of the 12th century to the beginning of the 13th century) in a process of fortification of the territory of Xarq Al-Andalus (eastern Al-Andalus) so as to protect itself from the advances of Jaume I's army.

The remains are walls just over 1 metre wide made with lime and gravel. It was partially demolished and integrated into later buildings, for agricultural use. Some archaeological activities were carried out that demonstrated the existence of remains of the wall spires and the outlines of the building, measuring 10 metres by 7 metres.

Currently, it is in a state of ruin and the walls are part of the garden of a rural house.

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Our heritage

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