The Regrowing Gardens

Macma has presented a new programme of environmental workshops and experiences in the natural environment, with the aim of leaving a positive footprint in the municipalities affected by the fire. This free programme has offered an opportunity in the territory for all those interested in interacting with nature, thus contributing to the recovery and conservation of the environments affected by the fire.

Thus, "The Regrowing Gardens" has become an ideal example of how collaboration between institutions and the community can transform devastation into renewal, turning negative impacts into opportunities for growth and environmental awareness.

Macma, with the aim of capturing a sustainable ecotourism demand, respectful and committed to the environment and the care of natural environments, developed a set of environmental actions and workshops, the project "The Regrowing Gardens" which are key to this recovery.

The activities ranged from the creation of bird feeders, nesting boxes for birds and bats, to the construction of insect hotels and the planting of seed bombs. In addition, talks and lectures were given in schools and municipalities to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity.

  • Jardí rebritador del Llavador i el camí de les Hortes : Saturday 23 September, meeting point: Font de la Bota - Castell de Castells, 20 participants.
  • Jardí rebrotador de l'Ermita de Sant Josep : Sunday 24 September, meeting point: Parking de  Fleix - Fleix - La Vall de Laguar. 28 participants
  • Jardí rebrotador de les Fonts i l'Antic Calvari : Saturday 30 September, 32 participants.
  • Jardí rebrotador de les Basses de les Hortetes: Sunday 1 October, 12 participants.

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